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Age : 47
Gender : Male
Listed in : Magician
City : Kolkata

Willing to travel? : No
State : West Bengal

Magician S. Kumar Mukherjee is one of the famous magicians in the World. He resides in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He performs his Magic Show in many T.V. Channels and different newspapers have covered his achievements in this field. He received a lot of “Certificate of Achievement” for his valuable efforts and contribution for the Art of Magic and visual entertainment. Such as Certificate received from Guinness Book of World Records, Society of International Magicians, Magic World – Felicitation to Honorable Guest performer award and Illusion or Reality Magic Research Society – 100 Years of Jadu Samrat P.C. Sorcar award which received from World Greatest Magician P.C. Sorcar Jr. etc. He performed Stage Magic shows with dance group in reputed auditoriums, i.e. Indrajal Bhavan, IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Calcutta Hall, Tapan Theatre, Rabindra Sadan, Kalamandir, Ashutosh Memorial Hall, Sarat Sadan, G.D. Birla Sabhagar, Apex Institution (Academy for Professional Excellence), Gyanesh Tapas Mancha, ETV, Zee TV auditoriums and Shahid Sadan etc. He also performed Magic Show in USA through M.C. He performs Magic Shows of durations ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours. He performed successfully in different Stage Magic (i.e., Recreation Club and Corporate Stage Magic Show, Birthday party, Puja occasion, School & College Magic Show, Escapology, Children's Magic, Advertisement Magic, Ventriloquism and Ticket Show etc.) in Kolkata and deferent part of India and also abroad. His main principle of life is to develop the art of magic and use magic for social and children development. He also creates special sense in the creative advertisement through his magic show. FIRST TIME IN INDIA a ‘Magic Show’ DVD has been released with a Dance of ‘Maa Durga’ and a ‘Magic Act’ of a fake Saint (Sadhu) presented by Magician S. Kumar Mukherjee as ‘Bhootnath Baba’. This DVD shows how a fake saint presenting supernatural power by using magic tricks to fool people. In this illegal way they are earning a lot of money. He is trying to give the innocent people a message by presenting the character of ‘Bhootnath Baba’ that “Beware of these types of fake Saints (Sadhus)”. He is also requesting the public, “Not to believe in such type of saints who are fakes. So, please do not believe and trust them.” This DVD gives an insight to the World of Magic – about its related myths. In this Magic Act Magician S. Kumar Mukherjee has done a social work for general public. Magician S. Kumar Mukherjee is an illusionist and performs magic with the help of special props according to the situation, which is immediately recognized by the audience and professionals on the very first moment of his appearance on the stage. He has been performing Stage Magic, close-up, stand up and illusion shows successfully for last 29 years and has created his own personal style. His interest in the professional presentation of magic can be visualized from the various shows that he has performed. Magician S. Kumar Mukherjee, basically an Advocate at Calcutta High Court, has his own business to devote his valuable time for magic. His interest began at the young age of nine and progressed through his pursuit of magicians like P.C. Sorcar-JR, Magician Somiran and B. Das etc. from whom he learned the art of magical entertainment. His father was to start teaching him Magic (Science Magic) at the age of nine. His father Late Dr.D.B. Mukherjee (Gold medalist), was a Professor Doctor of “All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health” Hospital. Magic had been just a hobby during his School time. He used to do it on family parties and for friends just for the fun of performing. During his college life he was a Professional Magician. He performed many shows for different celebrities as well as charity shows for under privileged children. He is a great children and adults entertainer. He is a highly qualified Magician. His Educational Qualifications are MBA, LL.B., CFAS, DFAS, CA PTC and B.Com (Hons). Magician S. Kumar Mukherjee’s Magic Shows are enjoyed both by adults and children. He has started magic at the age of only nine and till now performed many shows in all the leading cities of India and received good appreciation. He performed in the stage at the very childhood. After that he preformed many shows individually and with his Magic group. Now S. Kumar Mukherjee lives in Kolkata, West Bengal. He received the best support from the public of India & abroad. He created a lot of Magic, i.e., “God is one and indifference”, “Wishing Box”, “Red-White and Blue”, “Illusion Box”, “What is Vowel” and “I know everything” etc. He also wrote a lot of magic books in English and Bengali. He is a member of FIMA (Federation of Indian Magic Associates – India, C.M.C. (Calcutta Magic Circle) –Kolkata, S.I.M. (Society of International Magicians) and M.C. (Magicians.Com) - USA. He has 16 (Sixteen) Asst. Artists in his Magic group. His Magic group name is “Magicians S. Kumar Mukherjee and his Indrajal”. He is a lecturer (Magic teaching) for magical conventions organized by FIMA (Federation of Indian Magic Associates) and several other prestigious Magical Societies of the World. These lectures have been witnessed and appreciated by several thousand professional magicians in the World. He performed his Magic Shows at Indrajal Bhavan in front of World’s Greatest Magician P.C. Sorcar (Jr), Jayashree Sorcar and Maneka Sorcar and they appreciated his nice Stage Magic Show. His favorite types of Magic tricks are Stage Magic (large magic/ illusions performed on stage for large audience) i.e., Cutting a Lady, X-ray eyes, Temple of Bananas, Cutting a Man into three parts or Zick Zack Lady, God is one and indifference etc. He loves Magic, He likes Magic. His dream in life is to establish himself as the “World’s best Magician.”



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